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CLINIC UPDATES - 31/10/2022

Dr Jess is back from maternity leave!

After 6 months of maternity leave, Dr Jess is back!

Whole Health Osteopathy was so fortunate to have the lovely and capable Dr Ingrid to hold down the fort while I was getting to know my new little friend, Layla Frankie.

There may be some teething issues (pun intended) as I ease back into the clinic and work out the challenges that comes with being a new parent.

With this in mind, at least until the new year, I will be available for appointments Tuesday, Thursday and Friday - hours will be limited, so bookings are advised.


The best contact number is 0421 231 710 - text or call

However, the best way to secure an appointment is to book online:


I will also take this opportunity to inform you all that whilst I have been in a position to absorb some costs through COVID and haven't increased my prices since 2019, I will unfortunately need to increase my prices as of 2023.

The new price list as of 01/01/2023 will be as follows:

Initial consultation (60 minutes)


Return consultation (30 minutes)


Extended consultation (45 minutes)


Extended consultation (60 minutes)


I do apologise for need to increase my prices, however with the increase of the cost of living and having held out as long as possible, it is now a necessary evil, so I am sorry.


Thank you all so much for your support over the past 6 months. I am looking forward to being back at the helm and seeing all my amazing clients again, and even some new faces!

As always, my phone is always on, feel free to touch base if needed.

Dr Jess

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