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Whole Health Osteopathy
Client Privacy Policy

Information that you provide to Whole Health Osteopathy (including this form, in consultations, via email, phone or otherwise) is stored remotely on a secure data server.  All staff members have access to this system but are educated and entrusted to only access this information for legitimate clinical reasons.  Please note, as our staff are not always on premises, they may occasionally contact you from their personal mobiles or email addresses for ease of communication.

At times, to ensure we are providing you with the best care, we may suggest that we share the information we have collected (our clinical notes and/or our professional opinion), with another healthcare provider, fitness industry provider and/or coach. If this situation were to arise, we would seek your consent first.

By default, our computer system will email you automatically with a confirmation after you book an appointment and a receipt after providing payment for an appointment.  Likewise, a reminder text will be automatically generated and sent from our software the day before your appointment.

Occasionally, we will use our software to contact you with practitioner and/or clinic updates that may be of interest to you. This may include practitioners going on or returning from holidays, special offers or general clinic news. If you receive any of the above and would like to opt out you can simply reply saying stop, and we will remove you from the list.

We do not share any personal information with any other business or agency unless legally obliged to do so. You have the right to access your own personal information, subject to exceptions allowed by law. If you would like to do so, please contact us. You will be required to request this information in writing for security reasons.

You can opt out of further communication from Whole Health Osteopathy at any time.

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