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Pain complaints in children are often different from how adults feel, experience, or even recover from pain.


Although children do tend to bounce back quickly from an injury, and you might find yourself with a wheat bag for a week after sleeping funny, it is important that you have your child checked up, particularly after a trauma, or during rapid growth spurts.


Whole Health Osteopathy has several years of experience in the treatment and management of children aged 3+, and does not treat infants or paediatric patients – we are, however, more than happy to discuss and refer to a paediatric osteopath.


Before you bring your child in for an appointment:


  • Try and make your child’s appointment at a time of day where your child is generally settled.

  • Please bring favourite toys/books for your child to look at during their treatment.

  • Parents are expected to be present for the appointment for any child under the age for 18.

  • Should you feel a comfortable rapport has been made after initial treatment, you may leave your child for treatment, after the clinic has obtained your written consent.

Back pain and headaches

Growing pains in muscles, bones and joints

Postural problems including scoliosis or curvature of the spine

Walking difficulties or foot pain

Sporting injuries

Osgood Schlatter

After your child's treatment, it is common for babies/children to sleep very well after treatment. Occasionally there is a period of restlessness that may last from 24-48 hours.​

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