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Oncology Massage

Oncology massage is a safe and complementary therapy and does not require a referral from your oncologist.  It can be performed directly to the skin, or over clothes.  Your therapist is fully trained to treat different types of cancer and can modify the treatment accordingly to complement your specific health needs.

Oncology massage is a form of massage modified to meet the specific needs of people who might be:
  • Newly diagnosed

  • Undergoing treatment

  • In survivorship.

  • In palliative care

  • Carers

  • Going through a life-changing physical, psychological, and emotional event

  • Elderly

The massage techniques used are gentle, slow and very light.  This induces a sense of deep relaxation in both body and mind, which gives the client a very nurturing and comforting treatment.  Oncology massage has been scientifically shown to significantly reduce nausea and anxiety for those currently undergoing cancer treatment.

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