• Dr Jessica Sammut

Top 10 benefits of exercise

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Everywhere we look we are faced with an array of advice and tips on how to get fit for the summer. If you see exercise as a chore, and let's be honest - most of us do, then this simple reminder of the benefits may help you get your motivation back, and A into G!

Exercise can…

1. Increase your stamina and endurance, and once you get into a habit it DOES get easier

2. Reduce stress as it activates your endorphins which will encourage a high and a sense of well-being - and if done on a regular basis (not immediately before bedtime) it can help improve the quality of your sleep

3. Decrease your blood pressure and blood cholesterol

4. Strengthen your immune system, which can help improve your resistance to some illnesses

5. Help reduce the risk of heart disease and a stroke

6. Strengthen your bones and joints, which can decrease a woman’s chance for osteoporosis

7. Decrease your appetite, which may be a huge benefit for those looking at weight loss

8. Strengthen both the heart and lungs so that they can work more efficiently

9. Help improve social skills and self-esteem, especially if the exercise is within a group

10. Encourage us to reach goals, whether they are personal or professional

As they say, Summer bodies are made in the Winter, so now is as good of a time as any to get back into exercise!

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