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Common Running Mistakes

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

So personally, I don't mind running. I wouldn't say I LOVE it, but I actually don't mind it and I certainly know I feel better when I go for a run.

Let us take a second to ponder the millions of us who love to run! Good for you! What about those of us who have running goals and are aiming for their first 5km, 10km race? What about the loyal ParkRunners who get out every Saturday - rain, hail or shine? What about the bucket list Marathon or Ultra Marathon runners?!

If this is you, and you live to run and run to live, how many of these common runner's mistakes are you guilty of? How many of these can you tick off?

silhouette woman running

  1. Training through an injury…even though you know you shouldn’t

  2. Going out too fast

  3. Ignoring the CORE…which is most of us

  4. Wearing too many layers for a long run

  5. Not warming up or down -- is this you? Click here for my runners warm up

  6. Piling on the training before a race

  7. Going out the night before…again

  8. Not having regular treatments -- is this you? Book here!

  9. Forgetting your gloves

  10. Being negative about your ability and lacking confidence

  11. Not factoring in rest or easy days

  12. Not drinking enough water…before, during and after your run - Need more reasons to drink water? Have a read here

  13. Not charging your phone or GPS watch

  14. Going out too fast in a race

  15. Not giving yourself a break…Mentally and physically

  16. Not eating the right nutrients

  17. Wearing the same trainers for years…even though the grip has gone and holes have appeared

  18. Not cross-training or strength training

  19. Running the same route every week

  20. Being obsessed with what others are doing and comparing yourself

  21. Overeating after your long run…we’ve all been there

  22. Not giving yourself enough time after an injury

  23. Forgetting to take a loo roll to a race

  24. Trying our new runners or socks on the race day!

How many did you tick? This blog "Common Running Mistakes " was written by Whole Health Osteopath Dr Jess. Whole Health Osteopathy was established in 2017 and is located at 855 Plenty Road, South Morang, 3752.

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