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Fisiocrem Solugel for Immediate Relief in Reducing Pain and Stiffness

Whole Health Osteopathy stocks some amazing Fisiocrem products, and as an official stockist of fisiocrem Solugel, they have reached out to share some exciting findings from a clinical study. This study focused on assessing the immediate and mid-term effects of fisiocrem Solugel, in patients with musculoskeletal pain.

According to Fisiocrem, the clinical trial included 200 patients with musculoskeletal pain, divided into two groups – 100 in the intervention group using fisiocrem Solugel, and 100 in the placebo group.

The fisiocrem Solugel group experienced twice-daily applications for 14 days, focusing on affected muscle and joint areas. Immediate and sustained effects on pain, stiffness, joint mobility, and recovery perception were monitored at various times.

The trial results demonstrated that fisiocrem Solugel offers immediate relief and sustained benefits in reducing pain and stiffness. The active ingredients in fisiocrem Solugel, including Arnica, Hypericum, Calendula, Melaleuca, and menthol, were found to be effective in managing musculoskeletal pain without the side effects associated with traditional pain medications.

What does this mean for you?

Fisiocrem Solugel can provide a great complementary solution in between clinical visits. This can be an effective pain relief tool without concerns about pharmacological interactions or side effects. The cream's dual action of alleviation and recovery makes it an ideal choice for both immediate and mid-term pain relief.

Read the full study here You can chat with one of our osteopaths about whether Fisiocrem could be a good option for you and purchase some at your next appointment!

Benefits of Fisiocrem

The Blog "Fisiocrem Solugel for Immediate Relief in Reducing Pain" was written by Dr Jessica Sammut and taken from an email our clinic received from Fisiocrem. Dr Jess is an osteopath and Whole Health Osteopathy and you can purchase these products at our clinic.

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