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Spring – Return to Gardening

Spring is upon us, bringing with it warmer weather and the return to our beloved gardens during weekends. As we dust off our gardening tools and tackle those tasks that were deferred during the winter, such as mowing the lawn, trimming trees, and planting vegetables, it's crucial to be mindful of the potential risks to our muscles, ligaments, and joints. In this blog post, we will explore the common injuries that can occur while gardening and offer straightforward solutions to prevent them.

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What are the typical garden-related injuries?

  • Forearm and Elbow Overuse Injuries: Repetitive actions like pruning can strain our elbows and forearms over time.

  • Acute Lower Back Injuries: Bending and engaging in tasks like starting a lawnmower or digging with a shovel can easily lead to lower back injuries.

  • Neck and Shoulder Injuries: Engaging in overhead tasks, such as cutting high branches, can irritate and stress the neck and shoulder joints.

  • Knee Injuries: Extended periods of kneeling while weeding or planting vegetables can put significant pressure on the knees, resulting in discomfort.

  • Sprained Ankle: Walking on uneven garden surfaces can set the stage for an unfortunate ankle sprain.

What are the simple solutions?

  • Proper Warm-Up: Begin your gardening session with a light walk and gentle mobility stretches to prepare your body for more vigorous activities and reduce the risk of injury.

  • Maintain Good Posture: Use proper posture when performing gardening tasks. Lift heavy objects by bending your legs while keeping your back straight to prevent lower back strain. Additionally, consider tasks at eye level to ease pressure on your neck and shoulders.

  • Take Breaks: Regular breaks are essential to prevent overuse injuries and ensure you're not pushing yourself too hard.

  • Stay Hydrated: In warmer weather, it's crucial to stay adequately hydrated while working outdoors to avoid dehydration.

  • Wear Comfortable Attire: Before you start gardening, ensure you're dressed appropriately, especially with the right footwear.

The Whole Health Osteopathy team is here to assist you with any gardening-related injuries. We offer hands-on treatment and personalised management plans to address your specific needs. Additionally, we can provide valuable advice and education on prevention strategies for your gardening activities. Enjoy your gardening without the worry of injuries by following these simple guidelines. While you're on a roll, have a read of our 13 top tips to avoid gardening injuries this Spring. This blog "Spring – Return to Gardening" was written by Whole Health Osteopath Dr. Nathan Switkowski. Whole Health Osteopathy was established in 2017 and is located at 855 Plenty Road, South Morang, 3752.

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